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Emotional Guidance

Just Talk

With chronic disease always comes the realization that our emotional and spiritual beings are being challenged. Disease heals as a whole and not just when the physical body is addressed. With disease comes depression, isolation, anxiety, fears and an entire shift in our energies. Not only do you have to deal with the body, but the mind and emotions are breaking down as well. Whether you're facing chronic disease or if you struggle with panic attacks, chronic worry, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias or obsessive compulsive disorder, there's help that’s practical and powerful. 

The Just Talk session offers gentle and kind emotional/ spiritual guidance in the way of deep listening and talking sessions. You will learn not to let the emotions overwhelm you and your awareness of reality increases. Whether the cause is a change in career, job loss, relationship break-up, mid-life crisis, disease or whatever unexpected turn of events are present in your life, Just Talk is a resource to support you in steering your course towards peace.  As you talk about your experience, issues arise so that you can come to see how your family relationships have shaped your responses, attitudes and relationships. Together, we will form a process where at each session you sink deeper into your own being as your awareness of yourself grows, and past issues integrate. In the process you move gently through old emotions, and gradually increase in clarity, physical energy and confidence. What these sessions offer is a safe and nurturing environment for you to share your deepest emotions. We will focus on unblocking and encouraging your core energy, allowing the honest and authentic expression of self and move into a whole new experience of life. 


Traditional therapy is not always an option for some due to price, time or just that therapy never worked in the past.  Often times all we really need is for someone to listen and to offer some emotional and spiritual guidance outside of the traditional concept of therapy. Just Talk sessions do not replace tradition therapy nor do they offer a diagnosis but rather they will offer a different perspective on emotional healing.


My goal is to work with you one on one to get the most effective and lasting results. I will teach you skills you can use in your every day life and will also guide you on how to overcome the darkest of days. My experience came not only from my many years of studies, but also from my own emotional turmoil with anxiety, depression and chronic illness. I spent years learning how to address my own emotional health and in the process learned some life altering techniques that helped me overcome 30 years of severe panic disorder and chronic disease. My experience is my greatest asset and healing tool which I use to guide my clients to a healthier way of being.  My background is in Naturopathy, Mind/Body Healing and Emotional Guidance. Since I work with clients on their physical health issues as well , Just Talk can and may include some supplement /herbal recommendations that can assist in the emotional and mental healing process. All supplements I recommend are found easily on-line or in good health stores. Supplements are simply suggestions and are not mandatory. 

If you feel Just Talk can be a benefit and your life has lead you to a point where you long to feel more alive and less stressed, then Just Talk Sessions would be an excellent option for you. 


These sessions are offered in-office, via Skype or phone. Skype sessions are wonderful for those who travel, work on the road, work odd hours, are busy parents, are agoraphobic or just too stressed to get to a office session and need instant emotional support. 




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