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  • Do you offer receipts for insurance?
    Yes, I offer receipts for most Canadian Private Insurance Plans.
  • Do you do blood work?
    No. Naturopaths in Quebec are not allowed to draw blood. I request that clients get their blood work done from their General Doctor. The results can then be brought to the consult for analysis or can be used as part of your health history.
  • Do you have your own dispensary in your office?
    No. I got rid of my dispensary years ago. A dispensary is a high-cost risk and if supplements are not sold past the expiry, the cost is often past to the client in the form of increased fees. I also don't believe a client should feel forced to buy supplements from their practitioner. Shopping around can save the client money. Healing is expensive so I do all that I can to keep the cost as low as possible for each client.
  • Can I get the supplements you recommend at any pharmacy.
    No. I only use/prescribe high end practitioner blend supplements that have undergone vigorous testing and have research to back up their efficacy. The supplements I recommend can be found at ALL good health food stores, online or from me (shipped from the supplier). My costs are lower than online or the stores since I give all clients a discount on supplements.
  • Do I have to be Vegan / Vegetarian to work with you or get well?
    Absolutely not. Even though I am a Vegetarian and teach Vegan/Vegetarian eating, I do not require clients to change their diet to be veg to get healthy. I do however promote healthy eating as part of a healing protocol.
  • What other conditions do you treat?
    As a Naturopath, I am very familiar with the function of the body and why or where its breaking down so I treat many conditions. As Naturopaths, we don't just treat a condition, but we treat the whole person. That's why Naturopathic healing is often successful. Click on my "What I treat" page to find out more
  • Do you have Igenex Kits to test for Lyme Disease?
    No. I no longer carry the kits. You need to order the kits direct from Igenex and have a lab draw the blood. The Igenex labs need to have an authorized signature from your MD. If you cannot afford the Igenex test and the standard Lyme testing doesn't show Lyme but you still suspect you have Lyme, I can then make a clinical assessment.
  • Do you treat Lyme with Antibiotics?
    No. Naturopaths in Quebec are not permitted to prescribe pharmaceutical medications.
  • Are you still able to treat someone for Lyme if they are taking Antibiotics?
    Yes. When someone is on abx (antibiotics), I will work to strengthen the cells, the gut, the organs and work on proper methylation (detox) to ensure the body is strong so it can fight disease.
  • Can chronic Lyme be healed without Antibiotics
    Yes. There are many effective natural antibiotics and anti-microbial that work on killing Lyme and work on strengthening the immune system.
  • Should I take pharmaceutical antibiotics or natural antibiotics to heal from Lyme
    This is only something you can decide. I've personally and professionally seen many people heal from Lyme on naturals alone. If you have a new Lyme infection (where you saw the bulls eye rash and saw a MD right away), then yes abx are the best bet for healing Lyme. If you have chronic Lyme, then abx are mostly likely not going to bring you to full healing since at this point many other breakdowns happen in the body. Abx kill the bacteria, but they also weaken the immune system in general and deplete the body of the beneficial gut flora which then leads to other conditions that need to be healed. To date: I've not seen anyone completely heal from chronic Lyme on abx alone.
  • Did you heal from Lyme taking antibiotics?
    When I was first diagnosed, I did 6 months of 5 very strong abx and realized they were harming me more than helping me. My LLMD at the time didn't guide me to a proper diet or give me any protocols to work my gut. I was also not checked for MTHFR so I was not detoxing the bio-toxins and was more sick than before I started. My gut was shredded and my body was depleted by the time I got on to an all natural protocol. It took me a solid year of seeing healers and taking natural supplements to heal from chronic Lyme. I've been in remission since 2009.
  • What is your success rate with treating illness.
    When clients are compliant with the treatment protocols that I give them and when they stick with their follow-up appointments, my success rate has been phenomenal. As much as I would love for everyone to be healed on the first and or second visit, most conditions need time and effort in order to shift. Realistically, chronic conditions can take many months to heal.
  • Do you treat other conditions besides Lyme Disease
    Yes. Naturopaths are trained to heal the body as a whole so we are knowledgeable and more than equipped to help the body heal from all disease.
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